Secure paymentSecure paymentSecure payment

Secure payment

The method of payment chosen to ensure maximum safety to the customer is: Paypal
PayPal is the fast, reliable and innovative among online payment methods.

When you place an 'online purchase, simply enter your email address and password without sharing your financial information with the seller. Protect your privacy by protecting your financial and personal information with advanced automatic encryption systems.
To make payment, just enter your username and password after you create the PayPal account.

If you do not have a PayPal account, you enter the required data and processing payments.
In the event that it is not in possession of credit or prepaid card, or you do not want to use it online through PayPal Reload you can recharge the balance of your PayPal account with a simple bank transfer. In addition, you can decide the spending limit and you have all the protection of PayPal services.